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Abigail Pierre-Louis

Abigail Pierre-Louis

Abby's passion to create led her to find a purpose in the marketing world, bringing visions to life in many places.


  Abby studied Spanish and International Business at the University of Missouri with an emphasis in Marketing and a Multicultural certificate.


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"I realized that I like to bring things to life at a very young age. An age where I wanted to be a problem-solver. Wanted to turn everything to magic. Throughout college, I found myself doing that for small businesses until I began on a freelance marketing path and trailblazing in the industries I dipped my toes in. With my drive to see those around me prosper, I decided it was time for Hannah and I to put a label on Boost Your Brand. I am here not only to create growth and value in the business that I commit to, but to boost every life that cross Boost Your Brand’s path.”

"I always remind myself that the worth of a diamond is pure marketing. One of the most praised gems in the world. The gem that you look for when you want to see your wife smile or want to keep her from crying. A diamond is a gem whose position in society is not driven by its rarity, but marketed and scaled – scaled to be set at a high position of value on any and every scale.."

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