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Hannah Smith


Hannah Smith

Hannah found her purpose and passion for marketing and social media while in college working as a Marketing Director for an orthopedic clinic in the Dallas area.

Hannah has a BA degree in Communication and a minor in Business from Texas A&M University. She also has earned a Masters of Science degree in Business from Texas A&M University.

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"I saw the direct relationship of a targeted digital marketing strategy and increase in patients and profits. The research, strategy, and content creation all come together and create business growth + value. After seeing what the COVID-19 pandemic has done to small businesses, forcing them to close, go digital, or suffer in various ways, I saw a need for digital marketing strategy. I am a competitive person with a drive to help small businesses grow, so I helped co-found Boost Your Brand  in order to bring exceptional digital marketing strategy to businesses to help them maintain and engage with customers, create business value, and, well, BOOST THEIR BRAND."

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